Upcoming Projects and wish list


Help to support our 2020 upcoming projects! Donations are greatly appreciated!

Patchwork Pastures Pig Project

We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of up to 15 piglets! This is a tremendous multi-fold project where our Green Care Project Participants will be able to "adopt a Piglet". They will be able to provide daily care to the piglets including bottle feeding, general maintenance and training while they engage in life changing Nurtured Heart coaching sessions. For this project we are requesting the following items:

Fresh produce (fruits and veggies), infant formula, lamb nursing bottles, pine shavings, infant dry cereal rice and oatmeal, foraging toys, baby gates, extra large dog crates, all natural cleaning supplies (mops, buckets, white vinegar, paper towels) all natural training treat products, pig fencing and posts, lumber 2x4 2x6, plywood, shingles.

Patchwork Pastures Pig Pageant

We are looking forward to hosting our very first spring Pig Pageant where our participants get to show off their baby piglets and all of the hard work they have done helping to train and raise them. For this project we are in need of the following items: 

Pig harnesses, leashes, medium and large pig outfits for the participants to dress their pig for the pageant, a red carpet, pig "bling"

Patchwork Pastures Pirate Project

The Pirate Project is a 2020 Summer projet where our participants will help with restoring a 22 foot boat that was generously donated to this project. Once restored our Participants will earn the opportunity to learn all aspects of boat safety in preparation to achieve a NJ boating license, and partake in special educational outings where they will learn about fish and wildlife exploring the many local lakes surrounding our area. For this project we are in need of the following items:

Starter, battery, boat cleaning supplies, scrub brushes, vinyl repair kits, a volunteer mechanic, a carport tent. 

More to Come in 2021